Photography by nameoftheyear
Mako॰˳ֶ̊✩Nonon ॰˳ֶ̊✩ Worn on Sunday of AnimeExpo! Had a super fun time ॰˳ֶ̊✩

꒰⑅ •̥ ·̮ •̥ ⑅꒱ ♥︎·° AnimeExpo Pool Adventures!!!!! ·°♥︎

♥︎ Last minute costume idea? Check

♥︎ Somehow convincing my friends to wear this and put this together in 2 days short of the con? Check

♥︎ Turns out it was an A+++ idea and got rad pictures out of it? Check

Photography ·°♥︎ GQbravo Ryuuko ·°♥︎ LuvNatsu Mako ·°♥︎ Blanko

Photography by the beautiful Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photography


✩ Panty made and worn by BlankoCosplay

✩ Stocking made by Sasha-Dee & worn by NikkiCosplay

✩ Art & Concept by Nabe

[••Jung - Gunbuster••] worn at Katsucon 2011

Noriko made and worn by MostFlogged

Amano made and worn by Namiko101

Jung made and worn by Blanko

••• Panty and Stocking Cheerleaders •••

Panty made by Blanko & worn by Sasha-Dee

Stocking made by Sasha-Dee & worn by Blanko

Photography by TheBigTog

***Stay tuned, Sasha and I are going to be selling these outfits sometime in the near future! Contact one of us if you’re interested!

Destiny Island •••• Photography by Sarah ••••

Kairi made and worn by NikkiCosplay

Riku made and worn by Blanko