Ask not the Sparrow how the Eagle Soars


Photography by Ricky Pai  ♫   Nonon made and worn by BlankoCosplay

Just wanted to post my favorite Nonon pictures up NOWWWW at 8am!
 So excited about this shot, it makes me so happy (❁ọ̶̶̷̷̥ꇴọ̶̶̷̷̥❁)◜

Nonon ❁ Kill La Kill

Worn at Fanime 2014

Made and worn by Blanko

Shot by Bui

Senketsu and Nonon tracksuit progress! Super excited for Fanime- even though I need to get my shit together like 3 months ago.

? Rufio & Tinkerbell Nagotiate  Photography by TimVo


Rufio by EffektdCosplay

Tinkerbell by Blanko


Photo by Tom Vu, Link modeled by hersilhouette @DA and made by myself, Zelda made and modeled by myself.