? Rufio & Tinkerbell Nagotiate  Photography by TimVo


Rufio by EffektdCosplay

Tinkerbell by Blanko


Photo by Tom Vu, Link modeled by hersilhouette @DA and made by myself, Zelda made and modeled by myself.


Asami: It sounds weird to say this, but I’m really glad I hit you with my moped.

Korra ►PijoGenjo
Mako ►rofltrain
Bolin ►DK Squall
Tenzin ►Erik / DAT TENZIN
Asami ►centurycreeper
Photos ►blanko

this shoot……….. was so fun (●´∀`)ノ♡ but SO DIFFICULT because I had to look Davey longingly in the eyeballs and I JUST COULDN’T HOLD IT TOGETHER JESUS CHRIST MAKO

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha I want to make a photo album out of these pictures.