••• Panty and Stocking Cheerleaders •••

Panty made by Blanko & worn by Sasha-Dee

Stocking made by Sasha-Dee & worn by Blanko

Photography by TheBigTog

***Stay tuned, Sasha and I are going to be selling these outfits sometime in the near future! Contact one of us if you’re interested!

Photography by LJinto

Ahhhh I’m in looove <3

Modeled by Amanda http://bluucircles.deviantart.com/

Photography by me, Princess Zelda: Skyward Sword made by me

Looooove the way Amanda looks in this outfit! Also totally boosted the Reduce Noise option to make it look cell-shaded!

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by mookie

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Ummm basically the coolest collection of people ever <333 ty everyone